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Robert the Bruce (Set of 6)

Robert the Bruce (Set of 6)

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Robert the Bruce was the king of Scotland in the early 1300's and was known as one of the most fierce warriors of his generation. He fought and defeated the English in Scotland's First War of Independence regaining Scotland's position as an independent country. Today he is revered as a national symbol for an independent Scotland. This figurine shows Robert standing valiantly. Wearing full body chain mail, with a tunic and cape. Held tightly between his gauntlets covered hands is a ceremonial great sword. On his back is a heater shield, on his hip is a battle axe which became synonymous with the fighter-king. The silver figurine has gold detailing on the crown, lapel pins, shield strap and sword hilt. Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand painted this commemorative figurine will make the perfect addition to any medieval collection.

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