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Jewelled Fairy Petalite 15cm

Jewelled Fairy Petalite 15cm

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Created by alternative brand Nemesis Now's in-house design team, this enchanting Fairy figurine is a strictly limited edition, with only 3000 being produced. Lying on a bed of pink and yellow wildflowers, a pink bouquet in her hand, this languid Fairy looks up at you invitingly, pink flowers scattered through her blonde hair. Soft linen is draped casually over her body and along the ground, displaced slightly by her legs lifting up behind her idly. Her purple and green wings are studded with jewels, casually raised behind her, and a silver circlet sits on her forehead. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted, each figurine is uniquely numbered and comes in a collectors gift box with an accompanying certificate of authenticity.

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