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Choosing Your First Tarot Cards Deck: An In-Depth Guide

Venturing into the mystical realm of Tarot readings can be an exhilarating yet daunting experience, primarily due to the prevalent challenge of selecting your first Tarot cards deck. This task is far from insignificant since your deck will be your essential companion, steering you through revelations, profound reflections, and transformative experiences. Hence, it is crucial to take the time to carefully select a deck that resonates with you personally, establishing a pathway for a more fulfilling and beneficial Tarot reading journey. This article will provide an expert and comprehensive guide on how to choose your first Tarot cards deck.


Grasp the Basics of Tarot Cards

You should start your Tarot card selection journey by fully understanding their fundamentals. A classic Tarot deck includes 78 cards split into 'Major Arcana' and 'Minor Arcana'. The former, made up of 22 cards, symbolises significant life changes and broader life themes. The latter, consisting of 56 cards, interprets daily events and the subtleties of life. Grasping the dynamics and meanings of these two groups will enhance your deck selection process and overall Tarot journey.


Carry out Extensive Research

Given the extensive popularity of Tarot cards, you will find a range of styles and designs on the market. From conventional, minimalist aesthetics to elaborate, modern reinterpretations - the choices are plentiful. Start your process by researching online platforms and local speciality shops, taking into account factors like card design, themes, and interpretation styles.


Emotional Connection and Intuition

Perhaps the most consequential factor in choosing your first Tarot cards deck is the emotional connection. Tarot reading is inherently intuitive, and a deck that resonates with you can significantly support this. Look at the deck's imagery and determine if you feel a connection towards them. Do the images stir emotions within you? Do they spark curiosity about their meanings? An intuitive attraction to a specific deck is often a compelling sign of the right match.


Comprehensive Deck

While many decks offer unique designs and interpretations, beginners may find it beneficial to go for a comprehensive deck. Such a choice means selecting a set that accurately represents all 78 cards, promoting easier understanding and straightforward readings. The Rider-Waite Tarot deck, well known for its distinct symbolism and universally accepted interpretations, is an example of a comprehensive deck.


Accommodate Your Skill Level

Beginners might find decks with detailed imagery and interpretative guides more manageable. Decks like the Crowley-Harris Thoth Tarot often come with an instruction manual, offering valuable guidance for novices. On the contrary, experienced practitioners may favour decks with more symbolism that allow for a deeper interpretation.


Think about the Physical Aspects

Besides considering the metaphysical aspects of the deck, don't overlook the physical. The size of the cards should comfortably fit in your hands, allowing for easy shuffling and handling. The card material should also be considered; think about the smoothness, flexibility, or durability of the cards before finalising your choice.


Be Patient

Finally, don’t rush through the selection process. It may be tempting to buy the first glamourous deck you come across, but hasty decisions often lead to unsatisfactory outcomes. Allow yourself the time to explore, understand, and form connections with various Tarot card decks.

The effectiveness of a Tarot reading often relies on the bond between the reader and their deck. This highlights the importance of a knowledgeable and intuitive approach to choosing your first tarot cards deck. Each Tarot deck possesses unique strengths and provides different insights, and the goal is to find the one that best aligns with your intuition, experience level, and reading habits.

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